1. Jade Harley
2. Dave Strider
3. Rose Lalonde
4. John Egbert
5. Pony in Stockings
6. Gamzee Makara
7. Turquoise the Crystal Gem
8. Shroom Boom
9. Love
10. Girl in Purple
11. Zarufii
12. Harmonious Colors as Fionna the Human
13. Soaring Kite
14. Twilight Sparkle
15. Soarin Dash
16. Chibi girl
17. Human Fluttershy
18. Harmonious Colors
19. Galaco
20. Lemon Bar guy
21. Green Dragon
22. Chocolate lab
23. Ice Queen
24. Dragon
25. Chibi dino
26. Valentines day anime
27. Gumball Waterson
28. Golden retriever
29. Fiona
30. Kasane Teto
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15, Female
United States
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Hia! I'm owlnut23 (as you can see) I'm just an awkward land shark teen who loves all aspects of art. I do way more than just draw. I am currently becoming better at making glass beads. Yes I use a torch and molten glass for this. :3 I enjoy doing little crafts and DIY's too. I like taking photos and painting. I am in band and I play two instruments bassoon (which some of you might not have heard of, look it up.) and the bass drum for marching season. I'm also in Choir cuz I LOVE to sing!!! I also like the Internet, being a pegasister, and watching Pendalton Wards creations on TV and online.
Tools of the trade
Strathmore drawing paper,number 2 pencils,Fantasia premium colored pencils,pigma manga pens, Copic sketch markers, and my iPad.
I draw, sing, read, and play bassoon.
Favourite books
Graphic novels,long chapter books,the warrior cats series,The Wondla series by Jerry Spinellie,Adventure time comics,the Black Bird manga series, and HOMESTUCK!!!! HONK! :o) My favorite character is Gamzee Makara.
Favourite movies
Adventure Time is my absolute favorite show! I sometimes watch MLP FIM.I also love Gravity Falls, Regular Show, and the Amazing world of Gumball. I like Epic the animated film and my new favorite movie is Pacific Rim. Very excited for Steven Universe. I also love Bee and Puppycat, Bravest Warriors and, My little pony, friendship is witch craft. :3 Basically I watch to much TV.
Favourite music
Owl City,indie style music, oldies, dub-step,pop,and classical!