2. male head
3. Merry Xmas
4. three fourths view practice(again)
5. Me well sorta
6. Boy with headPhones
7. Fixed
8. Girl Head Phones
9. Do the folds look okay
10. Three Fourths view practice
11. chibi
12. Re upload Hi res Nervous pose
13. Fight Pose
14. Guy walking in Proflie
15. Guy standing IN 3 quarters view
16. Girl sitting on ledge
17. My progress in drawing manga
18. HMMM
19. Girl holding Gun
20. Girl sitting lisening to music
21. Manga Girl nervous pose
22. realistic eye
23. anime girl
24. girl sitting
25. male
26. boy crouch
27. boy hoddie
28. girl
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United States
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I have drawn for a year and a few months strait and made great progress, now its been nearly 2 years since I started, but as of now I do draw, just not a much as I had a year ago. I mainly draw anime or manga characters of my own, or body figures for practice, I soon realize that's the only damn thing I draw and it became too repetitive, now I don't draw as much instead I practice control with my drawing arm and trying to be Ambidextrous (left and right handed) for fun. All in all I enjoy drawing and occasionally get stuck and don't know what to draw aside that its a neat feeling when I create a good drawing or a character that doesn't look disfigured or distorted after looking at it multiple times to get it right. I also enjoy gaming it out on Xbox Live My gamertag is "LoftyKation171", add me if you'd like and notify me if you would. Damn my grammar, I think I may have Over or misuse the commas, well this isn't English Class :P
Tools of the trade
Led pencils, #2 pencil, 2B .5mm lead, .5mm lead mechanical pencil, black prismacolor pencil.
anime, Xbox Live, rolling, drawing, being outside, jamming out, learning, Drinking Water
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rock, punk rock, classic rock, eletrodeathcore, metal, hard style techno, odles