1. Stitch
2. Another Dragon
3. Skull Drawing
4. Finally finished the dragon
5. The Joker, The Batman cartoon series
6. Harley Quinn Coloured
7. Harley Quinn
8. Epic face
9. Alien
10. Gyarados and Magikarp
11. Slifer the Sky Dragon
12. Red Gyarados
13. Gyarados, unfinished
14. Dragon Back View
15. Countess Dracula Coloured
16. Countess Dracula Line Drawing
17. Baby boy
18. Full body wolf
19. Dragon hatching grounds
20. Dracula reborn
21. Tiger
22. The Joker
23. Dragon
24. Two wolves
25. Giratina
26. My own villain design
27. The Joker, The Dark Knight
28. Warlock of my own design
29. Wolfy the Wolf
30. Obelisk the Tormentor, YuGiOh
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16, Male
United Kingdom
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I'm a 15 year-old english boy and I have been drawing since I was 4 (or at least that's as far back as I can remember). I love drawing, it's the thing I'm best at. I also love to make cat noises. I make kittens follow me, my cat impressions are that realistic. I am also pretty good at Herbert The Pervert from Family Guy. My friend's think I'm crazy but I'm not, I just enjoy creeping people out. I'm predicted A* in most of my school subjects (science, art, math, possibly english, geography, history, IT). In fact my teachers are giving us old GCSE tests/questions instead of the usual tests a year 9 would get. I have Heterochromia Iridium (multi-coloured eyes), which has always made it difficult to describe myself in tests or quizes that specify one eye colour. I have long-ish brown hair and my left eye is blue whilst the other is green with orange at the bottom (yes, I have an orange eye). I LOVE DRAGONS. I also have a recent obsession with anime (always had one, it'
Tools of the trade
I use sketch paper and graphite pencils from the local crafts shop. I have recently got a graphics tablet.
I enjoy drawing, watching TV, spending time with my friends and making things out of wood or metal
Favourite books
Harry Potter (all 7 books), Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr. I also like Wolven and Wereworld. The hobbit and the Lord of The Rings trilogy are my overall favourites though. Death Note Manga
Favourite movies
Harry Potter (all 8 movies), Lord of the rings (all movies), All of the Star Wars movies, ALL of the Saw movies, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers and also TED.
Favourite music
Slipknot, Three Days Grace, Stone Sour, Skillet, Blood Tsunami, Black Stone Cherry, Bon Jovi and Bullet for My Valentine