1. polar bears
2. little sail boat
3. water color hummingbird
4. A tree in autumn
5. a full table
6. flower drawn by 2 people
7. horse
8. anime eyes and mouth
9. snake
10. dragonfly
11. octopus
12. sprite doodle
13. chubby cat
14. lilly
15. Ariel in charcoal
16. bansai tree
17. a cup with a pear and lemon
18. fruit in a bowl
19. light house
20. wolf
21. hand
22. spaniel
23. parrot
24. kangaroo
25. Ariel
26. dragon
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Hi my names Alice and I dont live in Canada any more so ya,( all though it says that its Hope on my profile, I made a mistake when I was making it). Im small and blond with blue green eyes , thats pretty much me. Also I was inspired to draw by my brother, when I was smaller I wanted to be just like him ( haha were pretty close now ) :) I love drawing, music, sports, and just really anything. I'm always doing SOMETHING. Sooo busy.(oh well cant live any other way XD) any way I love meeting new people. Im pretty random at times so be aware. If you want to get to know me just message me ^-^ p.s. just wanted to say that almost every single one of my pictures has a story behind it. If anyone's wondering what it is about a particular pic , just ask XD
Tools of the trade
i us to draw kind of badly but then i had an inspiration and i got better. i like to use chalk pastels and charcoal, also I'm starting to like water color pencils :)
Drawing, DIVING, swimming, hanging out with my friends, singing, gaming, reading listening to music, i like to rebel a bit and adventures. I just found web comics!! i love them !!!! they're sooo much fun!
Favourite books
i love the Hunger Games series, the lightning thief series,and any thing that's magical, fantasy, or any mythology books also i really like enders game (although im not finished with it yet since im reading it in Russian...), and the John Carter series
Favourite movies
i really don't know...
Favourite music
All kinds of music unless its classic or slow. :)
dont know how to make one
just ask me
ha, really?...no
I wish!!!!......not
nope, so anti-social!