1. Josh Hutcherson
2. Candor Symbol
3. Amity Symbol
4. Abnegation Symbol
5. Erudite Symbol
6. Dauntless Symbol
7. Divergent
8. Tribal Wolf
9. Howling Wolf
10. Niall Horan, One Direction
11. Liam Payne, One Direction
12. Chibi Peeta Mellark
13. Chibi Gale Hawthorne
14. Chibi Katniss Everdeen
15. Alexander Ludwig, Cato
16. Josh Hutcherson, Peeta Mellark
17. Angry Wolf
18. Charizard Kitty
19. Halloween Panda
20. Anime Ron Weasley
21. Christmas Dog
22. Rudolph
23. Yoshi
24. A Cute Bunny
25. Chibi Eevee
26. Chibi Jigglypuff
27. Anime Cartoon Puppy
28. Anime Dog
29. Cute Polar Bear
30. Chibi Lucario
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wolves are awesome! i love the hunger games, both movie and book. And, of course, i love drawing.
Tools of the trade
I just use a simple array of a pencil, rubber, coloured pencils, and occasionally crayons. Oh, and a black texta to outline, if necessary.
I like drawing (obviously, doesn't everyone? :P), being with my friends, playing tennis, and other stuff as well.
Favourite books
Harry Potter, Eragon, The Chronicles of Narnia, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Divergent and heaps of others.
Favourite movies
Harry Potter :), The Hunger Games, Eragon, The Chronicles of Narnia, Bolt (what? he's cute!!), Home Alone, Percy Jackson, The Avengers, Mission Impossible, i cant name them alll!!!!!
Favourite music
Some of my fave artists are: Bruno Mars :), Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Owl City, Vance Joy, One Direction, The Piano Guys, Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, Taylor Swift, Luke Conard, Landon Austin, Train, Maroon 5, Christina Grimmie, etc. etc. Oh yeah, and the Les Miserables soundtracks :)e
web. site. its a site with a web. its a web with a site. nononono... its a WEBSITE!!
Does it really, really, really matter to u?
Dragoart, DeviantArt... both start with D and end with art... eh... wat is it??
My space... wat do u mean?? i have enough of my space!!
And WHY would i have my face in a book?? well, unless it was the hunger games... but anyway :3
Twitter? that little blue bird that flies around??