1. Caesar
2. Massacre Halloween Form
3. Request 2
4. Request
5. Amethyst
6. Amethyst Ref
7. Tintin and Snowy 2
8. Cheetah
9. Anthro Shewolf
10. Shadow Ref
11. Snowy
12. Anime Snowy girl
13. Charm
14. Request from Artistic Duck
15. Strike
16. Tin Tin and Snowy
17. Toto wishes you a Merry Christmas
18. Anthro Dragon
19. Peanut the Hamster
20. Ghost dragon
21. Chibiterasu
22. For Dizzy, drawn from Dawns tut
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United States
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I would have to say im pretty weird, i love science,wolves, and drawing, (P.S, thats why im on this site ;3) and playing with my two Schnazuer puppies!Loads of people call me Wolfie, and thats who I am in the chatrooms, X3,Im a Leader Boatie,Along with Sabertoothwolf,Beccahanks, Dizzy_Duckie(We all miss you! D:), Amberowl, and Roxy_Foxy(Glad your back!! :D!) and AllyS and all of us together are THE BOATIES!,THE DORKIEST group ever!!!! and i am totally adicted to this site! ;3 Also i hate anybody who is a Hater, Art thieve, or Spammer, if you are one of those, BACK OFF AND GET A LIFE!!! :( The people who inspired me the most on Drago is Dawn, Dizzy_Duckie, Roxy_Foxy and Sabertoothwolf, they are all good artist's and I hope to draw like them one day. My Favorite movie of all time is The Adventures of Tin Tin!!!! Its a awesome Movie!!! check it out!!!!! XP Some good friends are AllyS, Dizzy_Duckie, Roxy_Foxy, Sabertoothwolf, Cookiemonster23, Artistic_Duck, BruzzyBoo, Hurry_Up7, AbiiKat, Dizzy_Doggy, Neon
Tools of the trade
Mechianal pencils HB-6B Pencils, paper and my talent ;3
Drawing, Cheerleading, and caring for two sweet dogs! :) Being TOTALLY addicted to Angry Birds!
Favourite books
White Fang and The Blackblood Alliance( i know itz a graphic novel but i can still read it!) Also the Guardians of Ga'hoole.The adventures of Tin Tin comics, novels,etc. XD Strays, Virus Rising and Off-white, (More internet comics)
Favourite movies
Rio, Wizard of Oz, Guardians of Ga'hoole, Santa Buddies, Lilo and Stich, The LIon KIng, Aleins Vs. Preadators!!! XD The Adventures of Tin-Tin!!!!!!!! <3
Favourite music
Techno, Strillex, I also seem to like Adele owo AND DEFINATELY THE TINTIN THEME SONG<33333 XD
none of your business, XP
Just made one for the heck of it, XxX-Wolfie-XxX is my username,
nope, =)
nope, ;D
nope, =$