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Uploaded: Nov 18, 2013
Artist: demonwolf_faerie
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Artist comments

A comic strip I said I was gonna post a while ago but then forgot about. There was probably a plot to this at first, but it more or less devolved from there ^^; the drawing style varies a lot throughout the five panels, mainly because I drew a panel once a month or so (haha, lazy...) so, I'd like to explain the bottom a little... In the part where Eleri's grabbing Lexi by the collar, she's actually grabbing his skin (which I'm sure hurts tremendously... XD) this is mainly because I forgot he wasn't wearing a shirt, because it had been a month since drawing the last panel, and I was too lazy to redraw it so I erased the neck-hole-thing instead. I'm really proud of the last-minute tears. Thank you for reading this entire description, but please get a life. :)

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