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Uploaded: Mar 14, 2012
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Should have submitted this first. XD Yes, Russia is a fuzzy pony. Winter, you know? Yes, Iggy has a large horn. He is a Magic wiz you know. Now a wall of text comparing the Allies to the Mane 6. America - Rainbow Dash (This doesn’t need an explanation. If you need one… Both LOVE to fly. They are overconfident and boast quite a bit. Both want to be the hero and are slightly self-centered. They are also competitive, mischievous, and energetic. However, they can both be lazy sometimes and shirk work, much to the annoyance of the others. Need I say more?) England - Twilight Sparkle (Both adore magic, love tea, read, are organized, and sarcastic. Both have a temper and believe in mythical things as well as magic. They both also had their phase of ‘splendid isolation’.) France - Rarity (This really doesn’t need an explanation either. Still… Fashion obsessed, both sketch, love design, fops/obsessed with their looks, and melodramatic.) Russia - Pinkie Pie (Smile all the time, always appear laughing and happy but have a dark psychotic side (Party of One guys) and both are Naive.) Canada - Fluttershy (Seriously, how can they not be similar? Shy, gentle, love animals and nature, quiet.) China - Applejack (Now before you disagree, listen. Both are very hard workers and take pride in their work and heritage/family. They are very talented cooks and make many different dishes. Both try to be positive and are very wise and helpful. Both are quite patient bu

My Little Allies Drawing

My Little Allies

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