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Uploaded: Jan 9, 2012
Artist: finaldeathride
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Name: Dr. Beauveria Type Of Plant: Acicular Occupation: Scientist Place of Birth: South America Summary: Dr. Beauveria, once a plant, was formed near the “Environmental Protection Agency” center in South America. Being a test plant, the rare, specific type was contaminated greatly in its own ways. It was given toxic waste and blood was shot through his stem. By the next week, it was transported to the southern areas of North America, near Florida with no results due to the effect the special center needed. Months had passed and finally the plant was picked up by a shipment vehicle to “Jud ford FD Hospital”. Apparently, it was used as a chemical for “Schizophrenia” tablets. Shipped again to another hospital, the reaction was rather increasing quickly. The hospital closed down, and by the next day, there were no sights of the plant, the only type they could find in South America or North America. The plant had formed into a human who ran off having the knowledge of a Doctor due to its microscopic brain no other plant had. The microscopic brain could store more than five matured humans. Being able to forge documents and degrees, he could pass himself off as a “Scientist” and that’s exactly what he did. Another delayed reaction occurring a year later, due to the blood being shot into his stem, he had become to have a craving for blood. Ignoring this “awkward” craving, as a scientist, he was around a lot of blood and body parts. The craving got to him, he

Dr Beauveria Drawing

Dr Beauveria

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