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Uploaded: Dec 22, 2011
Artist: Warriorfeather212
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Wow, that's some improvement, *Stares, blinking* Astroi is my oldest and first character. (He's from my first story, of course!) Which means I have drawn him the most. At first, I gave Astroi these really weird kinky strips of hair (Which you can see in the oldest drawing). Then I thought that was really weird and unnatural and of course, I wanted Astroi to look natural for he is supposed to look like a true human so I then went to smooth spikes, not to many for Astroi only has simply ruffled hair. I liked that look, so I stayed with it, improving it further. There was no question from the beginning though of changing Astroi's eyes and eyebrows. They were the perfect shape and gave Astroi the look I wanted. Of course, it has been refined a little, but the shape is still there. Well, I hope you enjoy laughing over my old mistakes (Oh my, that girl drew so funny at the start *giggles*) and then marveling or begrudgingly accepting that I have definitely gotten better after just two years (Even after the two months it looks a whole lot better to me).

Astroi, Getting Better, Overview Drawing

Astroi, Getting Better, Overview

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