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Uploaded: Nov 2, 2011
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When Scarlock was 10 yrs old, he was abducted by a "Celestial being". During the time of his abduction, the celestial being cut a symbol into Scarlock's back. After the wounds healed into a scar, the celestial being told Scarlock what he was doing and why. Scarlock(the name given to him after his "Alteration") agreed solemnly to the plan. The celestial being next made a small cut in Scarlock's cheek. He made appear a glowing red orb and dipped it in the blood that formed from the cut. Then he forced the orb into Scarlock's right eye. Scarlock's body reacted to the red orb, which was really an evil spirit who he was to become keeper of. Scarlock's hair turned a deep red, symbolizing all blood that was shed. Once the alteration was over the celestial being healed Scarlock's cheek wound into another scar. Then he gave Scarlock an eyepatch, telling him that to keep the evil inside, to never let light shine through darkness, meaning Scarlock had to be careful never to let light shine on his red eye. Scarlock couldn't back to his parents and normal so he started over, working for a lady librarian, desperately keeping control over his second side.

Scarlock Drawing


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